Release indicator package INDperform

INDperform Overview INDperform is an R package that implements a quantitative framework for selecting and validating the performance of state indicators tailored to meet regional conditions and specific management needs as described in Otto et al. (2018) 1 (see also my post on indicators). The package builds upon the tidy data principles and offers functions to identify temporal indicator changes, model relationships to pressures while taking non-linear responses and temporal autocorrelation into account, and to quantify the robustness of these models.

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Testing indicator performance

Indicators are useful and versatile tools applied in disciplines such as engineering, chemistry, medicine, economy or sociology. In ecosystem-based management a key role of an indicator is to inform on the current status of the system component as well as the effectiveness of specific management measures to move the component into a different state. In European Union (EU) marine policy, indicator development has recently progressed as part of the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)1 to aid the achievement of Good Environmental Status (GES) of the EU’s marine waters by 2020.

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